Can You Pressure Wash A Tractor

Can you pressure wash a tractor? 

The short answer is yes! But…

A little bit of caution is required as not all parts of the tractor may tolerate high pressure. As an expensive piece of farm equipment, you really don’t want to risk any potential damage. 

The general rule is that anything that can handle water can generally be pressure washed, which means all external components of your tractor including tyres, wheels and external body are safe to be pressure cleaned. 

Things get a little tricky when water makes contact with electronic components or elements that need to be lubricated to work (hydraulic cylinders, for example). Your tractor’s user manual should contain important information with regard to cleaning and maintenance that you can refer to. 

The bottom line is while you can pressure clean your tractor, you should be careful not to apply strong water pressure to certain parts. 

Does that mean that hand soft washing is better?

Not necessarily! 

Pressure washing is excellent for getting rid of dust, grime and mud quickly! And let’s face it, if you are a farmer in the Rockhampton area, your tractor is likely to accumulate a lot of mud around its tyres. 

What are the main steps towards cleaning your tractor externally?

Man Pressure Washing A Tractor

Clean the tyres and wheels

Start from the bottom – your tyres – and move towards the top. It’s very likely that large chunks of mud and leaves have accumulated in the bottom of your machinery after a day or a week of intense use. Pressure washing is an excellent way to clean your tyres thoroughly. 

Move to the upper exterior of your tractor

As you move to the external body of the tractor, you may adjust the pressure of the water to a more gentle output- particularly as you clean the hood, where many of the electric components will sit under. 

Dry your tractor

Once the pressure washing is done, you may proceed with drying! It’s perfectly fine to let evaporation do its job. The only downside is that you may end up with water drop marks. Aesthetics aside, that’s no big deal, as tractors can tolerate much more than that. 

If you are a perfectionist and don’t want watermarks, a leaf blower will be your best friend! 

Polish the outside of your tractor for extra protection

If you want your tractor shiny (you might be putting it out for sale!), you may want to polish the outside of your tractor with an appropriate wax – there are many to choose from! For this step, the tractor will need to be completely dry. 

While not essential, waxing may provide extra protection against paint damage and scratches. 

Vacuum and wipe the inside 

Once the external areas are done, you may clean around the driver’s seat! The best way to do this is with a vacuum cleaner or leaf blower (for open machines) and a wet cloth to wipe surfaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tractor Wheels

How often should I clean my tractor?

It’s hard to put a number as to how often – this will depend on the usage and on how dirty it gets. However, as opposed to a sports car or even your family car, it’s important to remember that tractors are working vehicles and are built up for these conditions. It’s not expected that you will wash your tractor as often as you wash your car.

The amount of mud on your tyres should give you some indication of when to clean.

What is the best way to clean the engine and parts of a tractor?

The best way is to open the hood, pick all sizeable things (such as leaves and sticks) and use a leaf blower to get rid of dust and small particles. It’s best to avoid water under the hood. 

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